Jolie Tea Company

Jolie Tea CompanyJolie Tea Company is an independently owned and operated retail tea shop. We carry an extensive inventory of loose leaf tea from around the world as well as an extensive variety of tea pots, tea accessories and many books on the subject of tea. Our customers range from those interested in making their first tea brew to those who we would describe as tea connoisseurs!

At Jolie Tea Company, we seek to give you an elegant and sustaining beverage for life. Let our tea be the natural and pure elixir for your body. Let our tea be a nurturing companion for your soul. Allow the simple experience of taking tea to quiet the mind, give clarity to thought and open you to truth and beauty. Take in the illumination of truth that both guides you and centers you. Take in the natural beauty surrounding you. Embrace the inner beauty radiant within you. Dwell in this place of truth and beauty. A place that you may linger in much longer than the duration of the cup.

Phone: (978) 468-5654 & (888) 956-5654
Address: 26 Bay Road South Hamilton, MA 01982